Dance At Summit

I am Ella Wei, a Business Analyst, Data Analyst and Amateur Photographer. My work attitude is to produce the best result as far as I know. The statement that stands for the projects I do:
Everything I put my hands on shall prosper.

About Me

My educational background is in both business and software development. It has built a good foundation for me to be a compentent Business Analyst. My work experience mostly has been in Business Analysis.

Business Analysis

Business Analysis is a practice that performs business requirements analysis, business systems analysis, process analysis, product analysis, system engineering and enterprise anaysis. Many other jobs in an enterprise depend on the fruit of such analysis. This, is what I do.

Data Analysis

What do you do when your business seems not moving forward?
Do do Data Analysis. The past pattern and the future blueprint are all hidden in raw data. Data Analysis may reveal hidden information in detail.

Web Development

The knowledge in Web Development helps greatly my Business Analysis. I also consider either a business or an individual shall have a solid Website to announce its characteristics to the world.


I am an amateur photographer, contributing to Getty Images and Pexels. I love to keep in my memory beauty of the world and smile on people's face. Life is a gift. My camera surely tells that story.

Vlogs & Blogs

Thank the Internet through which our knowledge can be shared and carried forward. For this purpose, I contribute the information I have accumulated in my work experience; furthermore, in my life.

Get in touch

If you have any open position, projects that I may work on, or a subject that you need a qualified analyst, contact me at: