Data Analysis

Data is a gold mine. It contains vast useful information. As a certified Business Intelligence (BI) Developer, I am able to perform Data Analysis, turning raw data into profits.

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Data Is a Gold Mine

Everything has pattern. There is no exception to this statement. Patterns are hidden in data. If you want to know sales trend, look into data. If you want to find the best investment, look into data. If you want to patch money leakage, look into data. If you want to discover a way to increase profit, look into data. If you want to win a lottery, look into data.

Data is a gold mine. To dig out the gold, you ought to do data analysis. In fact, data analysis is a research.

Along with my 12+ years of working as Business Analyst, I have done a lot of Data Analysis to obtain sales pattern, risk trend, and to find out application leakage, all for decision making, recommendation and negotiation.

Data Analysis Is a Flow

My fashion of working with data is to establish an entire package for an organization from collecting raw data to presenting meaningful information for decision makers. This process include the following steps.

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Structure Database: Relational database is a good way to store structured data. SQL is a well-established technology. Non-structured data can deal with sound and images, and can be stored in text file or csv. files.

Collect Data
The best way to collect accurate data is through User Interface (UI). The input data from UI can be precisely validated with programming effort. Input validation and anti-robot may guard data quality.

ETL Process
This process performs Extracting, Transforming and Loading data into corresponding data tables. If data is from outside source, it is necessary to do a cleanup and patch missing pieces.

Analyze Data
With all above premise work done, we are now confident to do data analysis.

All these work is for a single output, creating meaningful reports in form of table, chart or plot that make sense to business expansion.

Analysis Leads to Analytics

Analysis nature is one of my competencies. It must lead me to analytical mind. Analysis and analytics are not quite interchangeable, not in Data Science world.

  • Analysis: study past events sector by sector, finding commons and differences; answer questions on why and how these things happened.
  • Analytics: based on past data, we anticipate possible future events.

I perform data analysis, which sometimes is part of my Business Analysis, to show the business what happened in the past, and what is going on now. But most importantly, I present analytics to show what might be coming in a near future.

My Achievement in Data Analysis

Have you heard what kind of data is the most random? By “most random”, they meant there is no pattern, no certainty, and totally unpredictable.

That is the winning numbers of a lottery. A mathematician would say, “All numbers have equal odds, according to probability theory.” Without any data analysis, you would totally agree with it. I do not. To me, it was most exciting Data Analysis experience to seek out winning number patterns, and to predict winning numbers; furthermore to publish them.

I have analyzed US Powerball, Mega Millions, and Canada Lotto Max and Daily Grand. The results are published on a Website, The success is that a lottery player may eliminate 10 to 25 low-odds numbers in order to greatly increase the winning chance. The findings have been proved accurate for countless times.

Feedbacks from Users

lazyjetcat testify img Here are the comments from some of the Website users.

"Last week played Daily Grand. generated 3 lines of numbers with the house generator, got 2 lines winning, 1+B x 2. I paid $9 for the ticket, gained $8 back. This is surely an effective system!"
-- rubyKin (2020.11.18)

"I think this system is best that I have used so far. only had it a month and it’s paid for itself. Most of my draws I have got at least powerball. My last 2 draws I got 3 numbers and other 2 where only 1 or 2 numbers away from matching all 5. I feel I have a better chance using this system."
-- Carlosshipp (2019.12.22)

"This system works like a bomb I got 4 + bonus on the lotto max. Im sure next time will be 6 + bonus "
-- phillmckok (2019.11.14)

"Your lottery generator is the best I've come across to date. Will try and sign up for 12 months or less just as soon as I possibly can. Having full access to all the tools is best policy. Sincerely: Robert Giguere So far I've won small amounts, latest amount I won $140.00 + 2 free draws"
-- Sasquatch (2016.11.28)

Achievement for Organizations

For me, analyzing lottery data is a challenging but interesting thing to do. Since I am able to find patterns in lottery numbers, I am able to find meaningful knowledge in any given data. In fact, I have done a lot of data analysis while working for large or small organizations. My achievements can be summarized as the following.

  • Creating tools to automate data analysis and validation, presented the result to the project manager.
  • Looking into missing information in a billing report, found data leakage in the corresponding application.
  • Analyzing extra dollars paid to a business partner, discovered an error in data transforming process.
  • Eliciting reporting requirements, architected an effective database structure.

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Life is given us to live. Everything in nature is a gift. When I get out of town, everywhere I set my eyes on, there is beauty and vitality. My camera tells that story.

Business Analysis
Business Analysis is a bridge between business needs and technical solutions. My strength is to elicit clarity in the mist of chaos to help your business development and expension.

Web Development
One of the required skills as Business Analyst is Technical Knowledge. For this gesture, I have learned programming skills. Thank these skills, which made me a better Business Analyst.

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