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Life is given us to live. Everything in nature is a gift. When I get out of town, everywhere I set my eyes on, there is beauty and vitality. My camera tells that story.

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Photography is my way to share my views of beauty with others. I am currently a photo contributer to, the largest free photo / video site in the world, and to, the oldest photo site in the world. With Pexels , the submitted works featured in the first 5 days. By mid of June, 2022, the works have reached 6.6 million view.

Dance of Butterflies

Common Rose Butterfly
Glasswing Butterfly
Golden Birdwing Butterfly
Chilasa Clytia Butterfly
Papilio Lowii Butterfly
Papilio Canadensis Butterfly
Common Tiger Butterfly
Papilio Canadensis Butterfly
Papilio Canadensis Butterfly
Spotted Butterfly
Tailed Jay Butterfly
Common Rose Butterfly

Charm of Montreal

Montreal in Red Moon
Night View of New Champlain Bridge
Fireworks Over Jacques Cartier Bridge
Sunrise at Verdun
Night Tents in The Old Port
Mist of Old Champlain Bridge
Fall Comes to Ile-des-Soeurs
After Snowstorm
Lightening in Southshore
Golden Fall in a Forest
Wondering in Fall
Grand View of Ile-des-Soeurs

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