Web Development

In the domain of Information Technology, one of the required skills as Project Manager or Business Analyst is Technical Knowledge. For this gesture, I have learned programming skills for Web Development and database development. Thank these skills. They made me understand better project needs and business needs.

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Natroral Online Store
Accomplished from Business Analysis to Web Development, from database to user interface. It is developed in Visual Studio with MVC, including store front and back office management.

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Lazyjetcat Lottery System
This is a digital product that sells Data Analysis results, Analytics for prediction and tools. It includes site security, user management, data management, payment handling, and rating.

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eProsper Solutions
A personal branding website that presents the portforlio of Ella Wei. It is a informative site, and built with HTML 5 / CSS 3. It is fully responsive to mobile devices.

Implementing Ideas

Any one may have great ideas, but web development is the best way to implement an idea, and make it alive, visible and playable to the world.

I perform Business Analysis, in which solutions towards business objectives are defined. Web development is the very next step down the line.

One of the required skills as Business Analyst is Technical Knowledge. For this, I have learned myself several programming languages, and certified by Microsoft for the following technologies.

  • Business Intelligence Development
  • Sharepoint Development
  • APS.Net Framework Development

The other technologies that I have knowledge with for Web application are:

  • Visual Studio MVC
  • C# Programming
  • HTML 5 / CSS 3
  • jQuery

When necessary, I am able to develop a Web application that is fully responsive to devices. Presently, I am also learning Python.

See More Aspects

Business Analysis
Business Analysis is a bridge between business needs and technical solutions. My strength is to elicit clarity in the mist of chaos to help your business development and expension.

Data Analysis
Data is a gold mine. It contains vast useful information. As a certified Business Intelligence (BI) Developer, I am able to perform Data Analysis, turning raw data into profits.

Photography Works
Life is given us to live. Everything in nature is a gift. When I get out of town, everywhere I set my eyes on, there is beauty and vitality. My camera tells that story.

Get in touch

If you have any open position, projects that I may work on, or a subject that you need a qualified analyst, contact me at: ellawei33@gmail.com.