Business Analysis

Business Analysis is a bridge between business needs and technical solutions. My analytic expertise is built on years of study and work experience. My strength is to elicit clarity in the mist of chaos to help your business development and expension.

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Business Analysis Services

Business Analysis can be described in various ways. In the simplest word, it is the process of bridging business needs to technological solutions in order to meet business objectives. A business analyst must possess both industrial knowledge and technical skills. This is the only way to perform an effective business analysis.

Experienced Business Analyst

I am an experienced Business Analyst and provide cost-effective Business Analysis. I was trained in Concordia University (Montreal) in Management Information Systems (MIS), and in McGill University (Montreal) E-Business Systems. All these disciplines equipped me with Critical Thinking, Business Communication, Finance, Accounting, Business Laws, Digital Marketing, Web Development, and Network Security. Plus, I have been taking courses online in my years of working to upgrade myself with the latest technologies, such as Google Analytics, Business Intelligence Development, MVC Development, Data Science and Machine Learning.

Feedbacks from Colleagues

In my 6 years of study and more than 10 years of serving IT in multiple industries, I have become a highly recognized effective Business Analyst. Here are feedback from my colleagues.

“I can’t believe you have got it done. How did you accomplish this thing that seemed Mission Impossible?”
-- A vice president

“This is the best BA documentation I have ever seen, very easy to work with!”
-- A senior software developer

“For Ella’s project, I only need to have a meeting with her once at the beginning; then I am good to go for months. It is so clear that I have no question anywhere.”
-- A software developer

“You learn new things very fast, impressive!”
-- A manager

If you need an effective Business Analyst who understands business requirements, who is able to write a document for software developers, search no longer. I can certainly do the job.

My Skills as business analyst

The process of business analysis requires a wide range of skills, not like any other roles. A sophisticated business analyst gain her skills in continuous self-study and work experience. In the long list of “must have” competencies, I have acquired most of them. Therefore, my skills include, but not limited to the following.

  • Business and industry knowledge: Finance, Payments, Transportation, E-Business, and Manufactory.
  • Leadership skills: vision towards the objectives and accountability.
  • Communication skills: effective document writing and creating questionnaires.
  • Analytical skills: business process analysis and data analysis.
  • Presentation skills: freely and skillfully using PowerPoint to convey plans and perform training.
  • Conflict management: finding the balance to meet business needs and fit into development capability.
  • Decision making: making decisions in authorized domains.
  • Facilitation: initializing and moving forward a given project.
  • Change management skills: managing changes throughout the project cycle.
  • Learning ability: learning new knowledge in finding solutions.
  • Negotiation skills: negotiating with both business side and technical side based on understanding.
  • Technological knowledge: understanding technical flows in terms of business process.
  • Ability to work with team: in a team environment, everyone’s opinion is valid.

See More Aspects

Data Analysis
Data is a gold mine. It contains vast useful information. As a certified Business Intelligence (BI) Developer, I am able to perform Data Analysis, turning raw data into profits.

Web Development
One of the required skills as Business Analyst is Technical Knowledge. For this gesture, I have learned programming skills. Thank these skills, which made me a better Business Analyst.

Photography Works
Life is given us to live. Everything in nature is a gift. When I get out of town, everywhere I set my eyes on, there is beauty and vitality. My camera tells that story.